Turning Crisis Into Opportunity: Improving Patient Outcomes through ED MOUD

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the Bridge Model of ED MOUD and its significance in increasing access to evidence-based treatment for individuals with substance use disorders
  • Articulate the importance of engaging patients in a more integrated system of care
  • Advocate for the expansion of access to evidence-based medication for people who use drugs

Josh Luftig, PA-C
Founder, Director of Harm Reduction Services, CA-Bridge

Josh Luftig, PA-C, has over 23 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, is a co-founder of Bridge, and serves as a Director and National Implementation Leader. He is a nationally recognized expert in medication for addiction treatment (MAT), naloxone distribution, and is a regular speaker at local and national conferences.He co-established one of the nation’s largest ED-based MAT initiation programs at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA, and co-developed a novel high-dose rapid buprenorphine induction protocol that was published in JAMA and widely adopted as a standard for EDs.