CCBHC: Maximizing the Benefit of this Federal Initiative to Iowans

Session Description: Josh will present on the CCBHC initiative federally and will discuss in depth how Iowa HHS is implementing CCBHC, what the timelines are, and what the implications for the functioning of Iowa’s BH delivery system are.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the CCBHC initiative and its component parts
  • Understand the areas in which HHS has flexibility in CCBHC implementation and where HHS has to adhere to federal requirements
  • Understand how HHS is endeavoring to integrate CCBHCs into Iowa’s existing system of care

Joshua Rubin, MPP
Principal, Health Management Associates

Joshua Rubin is a Principal with Health Management Associates, a national research and consulting firm focused on publicly financed healthcare. Josh has spent nearly 30 years doing behavioral health-related work, including as the Chief Operating Officer of Vibrant Emotional Wellness, where he got to help run the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. He also served as New York City’s Assistant commissioner for Substance Use Disorder Services.