ASAM 4th Edition

Session Description: The Fourth Edition of the ASAM Criteria builds on the past 30 years of The Criteria and provides an updated, streamlined, and pragmatic approach to assessment and treatment planning. This one-hour webinar will provide a consolidated overview of some of the major changes in the 4th Edition of the ASAM Criteria.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop awareness of some of the noteworthy changes in the Fourth Editions
  • Understand the new terminology for the Dimensions and Levels of Care

Christine Lizarraga

Scott Boyles, LAC
Scott Boyles is the Senior National Training Director for Train For Change Inc. With over 30 years of experience in behavioral healthcare, he has acted as a counselor, clinical director and director. For over two decades Scott has been a consultant and trainer.

Presentation Material

The ASAM Criteria 4th Edition: A brief introduction
The ASAM Criteria 4th Edition: A brief introduction РHandout