Let’s Talk: Strategies for Holding Difficult Conversations
Robin Ertz, Extension Professional Development Program Specialist
Kerry Aistrope, Extension Regional Director

Instead of going into conversations with a fixed mindset, approach them with a growth mindset and consider them to be “learning conversations.” Learn strategies and tools to make difficult conversations easier.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Complement Your Work
Kris Baldwin, Extension Educational Technology Resources Specialist
Kristi Elmore, Extension IT Web Developer

Embracing artificial intelligence as a complement to your work opens doors to unprecedented efficiency and innovation. Witness how peers leverage AI to streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and unlock new possibilities, showcasing the transformative power of integrating cutting-edge technology into professional endeavors.

Practical Skills for Building Better Partnerships and Coalitions
Julie Hlas, Extension Organizational Advancement Specialist
Cindy Gannon, Extension Organizational Advancement Specialist
Himar Hernandez, Associate Director for Community and Economic Development
Learn about the components of building successful partnerships and coalitions, sharpen your skills through group exercises that will help you define and practice “the ask,” and learn about real world examples and best practices for coalition building.

Interactive Leadership: Facilitation and Presentation Dynamics
Lori Korthals, Ph.D., Human Sciences Extension Field Manager
Gayle Coon, Extension Professional Development Program Specialist
Alison DePenning, Extension Professional Development Program Specialist
Explore the intricate dance between facilitation and presentation as we delve into the art of engaging and leading effectively. Uncover the key differences, discover strategies for seamless transitions, and learn how to harness the power of both roles to captivate your audience. Whether you’re a seasoned facilitator or a dynamic presenter, this session promises valuable insights to elevate your interactive leadership skills.

Numbers Aren’t Enough: Communicating Impact
Jill Brimeyer, Manager for Organizational Advancement
Whether 15 or 50 or 100 people attended your program, what did they do as a result of what they learned? And why should anyone care? Extension professionals must convey the “So what?” of our work to many audiences, including legislators, partners, and potential participants. Learn how to identify the impact your offering has for participants and the state as a whole, and gain tried-and-true tactics for sharing your story.

Sponsored Projects: Tools and Tips for Finding and Securing Extramural Funding
Chris Knight-Gipe, Extension Contracts and Grants Manager
Lindsay Henderson Extension Community and Economic Development Specialist
Annalisa Brandt, ISU Grants Hub Coordinator
Not sure where to start? Are there needs identified but lack of funding? Join us to learn about Pivot, the university-paid subscription service for querying funding opportunities; how to initiate and write a proposal for success; and navigating ISU’s pre- and post-award compliance.

Innovate to Generate: Generate Audiences and Impact
Brent Pringnitz, Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Specialist
Connie Beecher, Ph.D. Human Sciences Extension Faculty
Chris Johnsen, Extension Procurement Manager
As we work to continue to be relevant to our clients across Iowa, trying new approaches to reach both current and new audiences is an important strategy. Hear from staff and faculty who’ve tried different learning methods in the last few years, both in developing new programs and making changes to current offerings. Take advantage of their lessons learned and consider key questions you might want to ask in the development and implementation process as you prepare to innovate.  How can you be an entrepreneur in your job?

How SMART Learning Objectives and Logic Models Support Quality Impact Reporting
Keli Tallman, Extension Program Development and Evaluation Director
This session will showcase how fellow ISU Extension and Outreach colleagues have used logic models in support of quality impact reporting. Participants will learn the primary phases of ISU Extension and Outreach’s Program Development and Evaluation Life Cycle​ and the five elements of SMART learning objectives. They will also begin developing logic models to establish a strong foundation for writing quality impact reports.