This year’s Extension Annual Conference will feature 15 different workshops spread across the 2 workshop sessions. Please review the workshops and their descriptions below in order to make a selection on the event registration.

Workshop 1 Selections

Lay the Foundation: Putting Effort Into Your Relationship

Danielle Day, Malisa Rader

Meaningful relationships do not happen by accident. Learn to identify choices that lay a strong foundation for a healthy and stable relationship. Experience a brief sample of a relationship course offered by Human Sciences Extension and Outreach.

Closing the Opportunity & Achievement Gap Among Marginalized Communities in Iowa

Lorena Dorado Robles

This session will demonstrate the current demographics of the state utilizing data for decision makers and support staff to target untapped and historically underserved audiences. Changing the language and describing the gap as an opportunity gap.

First Look at Adobe Templates

Lauren Carter, Megan Bagley

Now that Adobe Creative Cloud is available to staff, you have the ability to use Adobe InDesign to create designs for digital and print media. But, where to start if you’re not a designer? Join Lauren Carter, Advancement graphic designer, and Megan Bagley, Advancement brand manager, as they walk through the basics of using this industry-leading design software. They will introduce extension-branded InDesign templates, soon to be released by Advancement and demonstrate how to use them for your projects.

Envision a Resilient Future

Ann Torbert, Rachel Fishel

According to the Oxford dictionary, a resilient person is one who can withstand or recover quickly from difficult circumstances. Stressful situations can present themselves in a number of ways. Resiliency allows you to bounce back as you learn to adapt to life’s hardships with fortitude. In this workshop, you will be allowed time to reflect and envision a future in which you are resilient. This workshop serves as a time of self-discovery, setting goals and paving the way for personal growth. In addition to time for personal reflection, you will create a vision board to help you envision a resilient future. This tangible creation can be displayed in your workplace and serve as a reminder of your goals. Note: zero crafting skills required.

Update on the US Census: Data We Have, Trends We See, and What’s Next

Sandra Burke

This workshop will provide: a) A review of the data and topics we have from the 2020 Decennial Census. b) Population trends the Census shows for Iowa and its counties. c) Data and topics still to come from the 2020 Census and expected timeline. d) Overview of the difference between the Decennial Census and the American Community Survey and data that come from each. e) Overview of the Data for Decision Makers for Iowa's counties and cities. f) Overview of what is provided by Extension's Indicators Program.

Creating Impactful Programs in Extension

Ray Kruse and Brittany Demezier

Delivering an effective program can be challenging in today’s world! With a multitude of priorities, budget limitations, technological considerations, and loads of content, our ability to reach and engage Iowans is more important than ever. Reliable information and participant engagement are simply expected, they are fundamental to placing Iowa State University Extension and Outreach as a trusted resource across the state. This session will address effective strategies and techniques to use when designing and developing both traditional and non-traditional educational offerings. We will address presenting in a variety of scenarios from lecture style to hands on experiences, and vendor tabling events. This workshop will focus primarily on in person programming but will briefly touch on virtual options as well.

Strategies to Engage Traditionally Underserved Audiences and Partners: Recovery Centers, Shelters, and Refugee Service Agencies

Paula Wood

ISU Extension aims to engage all Iowans in educational offerings that are relevant in their everyday lives. This includes traditionally underserved audiences such as resettled refugees, immigrants, people attending recovery programs, and people residing in shelters. Recruiting for programs can be challenging due to health concerns, fluid living situations, transportation, language, and cultural barriers. In this session, EFNEP and SNAP-Ed educators share efforts to expand service to new audiences. Staff will share how partnerships evolved, relationships thrived, and the reach of programs broadened. Educators will share how they appropriately adapt curricula, deliver programs in new spaces, and communicate in creative ways to successfully serve these audiences. Attendees will discuss how to connect with these and other underserved audiences.

MyData: Helping Us Cooperatively Learn about Ourselves

Phil Heckman, Amanda Eggers, Keli Tallman

What happens when you take diffused data collection and reporting systems and combine them into a centralized system? This session highlights how program units’ and county services’ data collection and reporting processes impact ISU Extension and Outreach’s ability to address its mission of engaging all Iowans in addressing current and emerging real-life challenges.

Workshop 2 Selections

Preparing for the Long Weekend

Sandra McKinnon

Retirement is one of the hallmark passages of life. Start thinking about preparing for retirement beyond a financial way. Retirement is a time of growth, self-renewal, and a time to reflect and reexamine your role in society and with family.

Engaging Latinx families in Extension: Salir Adelante, Hopes & Dreams for a Better Future

Rosa Gonzalez

The Latinx population constitutes 6.3% of Iowa’s population and in 13 counties that percentage rises to 10-29%. ¡Salir Adelante! is a culturally tailored, research-based curriculum that promotes career and college readiness among Latinx youth and their families. It provides opportunities to develop relationships with Latinx families and organizations, and connect families to ISU Extension education and resources, including 4-H, to further promote leadership, civic engagement and life skill development among Latinx youth. In this session you will learn how you can take this program to your community while you experience some of the interactive activities and content that can lead to improve the quality of life for Latinx families. Strategies for developing relationships with Latinx families and organizations to recruit and engage families in the program will be shared.

Captioning in Adobe Premiere

Max Moore

Adobe Creative Cloud is now available to staff; part of the software suite is Adobe Premiere video editing software. One of the advantages of using this program is its powerful captioning capability, which is vital to making videos accessible to all audiences. In this session, Max Moore, Advancement video producer, will walk through the basics of Adobe Premiere, providing step-by-step guidance to the captioning process so you can bring greater accessibility to your own videos.

Creating Sustainable Well-being Practices for Extension Educators

Mae McCarty

Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EFNEP/SNAP-Ed team implemented an initiative to support the wellbeing of educators, which has now evolved into a sustainable wellbeing opportunity for our team. Our Wellness Wednesday team will share the steps we took to develop and implement a variety of wellbeing opportunities for our staff since 2020. Participate in a movement break and learn how you, too, can put together a wellbeing program for your team. Whether you want to establish a sustainable wellbeing program or simply want to learn ways to incorporate small wellbeing practices into meetings or trainings, you will leave this session with ideas and tools to support the wellbeing of your team.

New Organizational IT Efforts

Kristi Elmore

1. Learn about the new website features 2. Understand the data that helped create the websites

Personal Wellness Workshops Create New Partnerships for Human Sciences Extension and Outreach

Leah Brooke, Cathy Drost, Ann Parker

Adequate sleep, following the USDA Dietary Guidelines with MyPlate, and participating in physical activity promotes health. In this session, you will learn about the importance of building new partners and how Educational Offerings Life Cycle Process (EOLCP) was used to adapt a Human Sciences program to fit the need of our target audience. Briefly learn about and participate in the What About Me? My Wellbeing program that taught strategies to improve physical health and enhance overall wellbeing to winter maintenance workers.

Being Inclusive of All Iowans: Strategies to Effectively Engage Iowans with Low-Income

Katie Sorrell and Brianna Montross

We aim to build a strong Iowa by engaging all Iowans in Extension programming. Iowans with low-income bring a unique and valuable perspective to programs and events. They may face barriers to access Extension services that challenge staff to be creative and flexible in their outreach. How can we best serve our fellow Iowans? This interactive workshop will explore the prevalence of poverty among Iowans, the challenges Iowans with low-income experience and opportunities for Extension to improve engagement with this audience through the lens of equity, dignity and respect. We will brainstorm creative ways to extend our programs and resources to Iowans with low-income through self awareness, communicating inclusive intentions, and considering the structural aspects of programming.