ISU Extension and Outreach Annual Conference on April 1 is moving to a virtual format as we prioritize the health and safety of attendees. All staff and council members are encouraged to participate online. Registration remains open at a reduced $20 rate.



How you define success as an extension professional varies across the span of a career and as accomplishments accumulate. Regardless of how you measure success – from small acts of kindness and compassion to position advancements – progress towards your personal goal is achieved with ongoing professional development, inspiration, and staying connected with your co-workers even, and perhaps especially, in difficult times.

When you strive for individual professional success, ISU Extension and Outreach stays on track to build a #StrongIowa – and all Iowans benefit. Although this isn’t the experience we originally planned, our Annual Conference still is a time for us to gather together to learn and share.

Kevin McDonald – keynote speaker. Towards Inclusive Excellence. McDonald is the University of Virginia’s Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
Awards Recognition – Celebrate accomplishments of our colleagues.
José Antonio Rosa – capstone speaker. Rosa serves as the inaugural Faculty Fellow in the Division of Diversity and Inclusion at Iowa State University.

Registration for Annual Conference is now $20. Cancellations will be accepted less the $20 processing fee.