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If you have questions about the conference, please contact Brenda Allen,

If you have specific questions about registering and/or the payment process for the conference, please contact

For questions about conference logistics, please contact Amanda Sawyer at Conference Planning and Management (CPM),

2024 Extension Annual Conference Planning Committee:
Amanda Karges, Advancement
Amanda Sawyer, Conference Planning & Management
Beth Frankenstein, Regional Director
Brenda Allen, Professional Development
Chandler Arnold, Adams County
Gayle Coon, Professional Development
Darbee Lewis, Henry County
Jed Findlay, Advancement
Jill Brimeyer, Advancement
Jody Larson, Conference Planning & Management
Leslie Stonehocker, 4-H Youth Development
Linda Young, Operations
Lori Korthals, Human Sciences
Maddie Reed, Registration Services
Michael Witt, Ag and Natural Resources
Natasha Neal, Advancement