Call for Abstracts

Due: JANUARY 15, 2023

The Third International Interactive Symposium on Ultra High Performance Concrete (3SIISUHPC) is now accepting abstracts. Submit an abstract of no more than 250 words on a topic related to UHPC. Two formats are available for authors/speakers:

  • Papers and presentation: Papers (8 pages) will be made available to attendees and published with DOI numbers in proceedings. Papers are intended for scholarly works and detailed studies. Authors will receive further instructions on the preparation of 8-page full-length manuscripts and timeline at a later time.
  • Extended abstracts and presentation: Extended abstracts (2 pages) will be made available to attendees. This category is primarily for the presentation of projects. Extended abstracts are intended for authors of application and implementation projects and case studies wanting to share experiences for the advancement of the industry. Authors will receive further instructions on the preparation of 2-page extended abstracts and timeline at a later time.

All accepted papers and extended abstracts will be included in the symposium proceedings, and authors will be required to present their contributions at the event. Both paper and extended abstract authors should use the Abstract Template for submittal.



The Symposium will be based in English and hence all abstracts should be submitted as such. The topic must relate to the scope of the symposium and state relevance to the advancement of the UHPC industry. Authors will be asked to select one or multiple topics from a list of categories to aid in topic classification during abstract submission.

Symposium topics include but are not limited to:

Material and Characterization                Specifications
Mixture Design Design Criteria
Production, Supply and QA / QC Material Specifications
Testing Procedures and Constitutive Behavior Architectural Codes
Durability Studies / Testing Research and Research Needs
Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) International Specifications
Components and Structures Projects
Architectural Project Specifications & Special Provisions
Buildings Procurement and field mixing
Bridges / Accelerated Bridge Construction Field Implementation and Field Studies
Energy Infrastructure Project Examples / Applications
Seismic / Dynamic Loading International Experiences
Full-scale Testing / Prototypes Resiliency / Sustainability / Life Cycle Analysis
Modeling & Analysis Safety & Security


ALL authors must agree to the following:
You grant the non-exclusive copyright of your submission for printed and online publication to us by submitting your paper or extended abstract. This includes photographs, graphs, power point charts and any other display formats of your paper. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the respective copyrights for your material and can lawfully grant us the right to publish them. Citations, written or graphical, must be indicated unambiguously with the name of the creator and the source. Your work will be published as a PDF file in the digital proceedings that will be distributed among the participants of the 3rd International Interactive Symposium on UHPC and will be made publicly available.

3SIISUHPC will bring together material science and concrete professionals, structural/bridge engineers, students, producers and building enthusiast for a three-day symposium in Wilmington, Delaware June 4th – 7th, 2023. Symposium Chairs are Dr. Tess Ahlborn, Michigan Technological University, Dr. Benjamin Graybeal, Federal Highway Administration, and Dr. Sri Sritharan, Iowa State University. For further information about the symposium contact us at Symposium information is available online