Learning Fair

A Learning Fair will be offered in the South Prairie Room from 9:45 – 10:15 am. Following please find a listing of the organizations that will be present.

Advancement – Natasha Neal
AnswerLine – Beth Marrs
Consumer Horticulture – Aaron Steil
County Services – Tiffany Magstadt
Human Sciences Hotlines: Iowa Concern, Answerline, Teen Line and Healthy Families – Tammy Jacobs
Iowa Extension Council Association – Jennifer Vit
Iowa State University Printing Services – Nathan Thole
MAC Program – Rachel Kennedy
Professional Development – Robin Ertz
PSEP – Pesticide Safety Education Program, Kathleen Wilson
Registration Services – Tim Grewell
Spend Smart. Eat Smart. – Jody Gatewood
State Historical Society of Iowa: Iowa History Mobile Museum – Susan Kloewer