The Department of Agronomy at Iowa State University is pleased to host the National Plant Breeders Association’s 2022 Annual Meeting. The Conference will be held on August 8-11, 2022, at the Scheman Building on the Iowa State University campus in Ames, IA.

The theme of the conference is the “Past, Present and Future of Plant Breeding.” We will take time to celebrate the past, discuss the challenges of today, and explore future prospects in plant breeding through multidisciplinary efforts. We are pleased to have the opportunity to host an in-person annual meeting. The conference will offer a variety of interactive opportunities including a pre-conference tour, dynamic sessions, tours of the North Central Region Plant Introduction Station and Agronomy farm at Iowa State University, and unique evening activities to connect, relax and enjoy.

Mark your calendars to participate in the 2022 Annual Meeting, and check back often for more details, key deadlines and timeline for submissions.

The planning committee is hard at work to create a great experience for the 2022 meeting and we look forward to seeing you in Iowa!

This meeting is intended to be primarily an in-person event. In order to increase the accessibility of the meeting, digital content will be made available to all registered attendees though the meeting website soon after the meeting is over. Speakers will be given the option to have their talks recorded and made available virtually. In addition, poster presenters have the option of having digital images of their posters made available as well.

NAPB 2022 Code of Conduct

NAPB Website


NAPB 2022 Organizing committee

Co-chairs: Thomas Lübberstedt (ISU), Paul Scott (USDA-ARS)

Subcommittee chairs:
Budget, Accounting, Logistics: Julie Kieffer, Amanda Ruckdaschel, Kaleena Middendorf (ISU)
Scientific program: Jode Edwards (USDA-ARS)
Pre-conference tours: Maria Salas (ISU)
On campus tours: David Peters (USDA-ARS), Kendall Lamkey (ISU)
Sponsoring: Asheesh Singh (ISU)
Diversity and inclusion: Jamie O’Rourke, Michelle Graham (USDA-ARS)
Student engagement: Arti Singh (ISU)
Chair of 2021 NAPB meeting: Mark Sorrels (Cornell)
Chair of 2023 NAPB meeting: Ksenija Gasic (Clemson)
Past NAPB president: Dave Bubeck (Corteva)
Poster sessions: Neha Kothari (Cotton Inc.)
Soft skills workshop: Masha Trenhaile (Bayer), Klaus Koehler (Corteva)
NAPB committees / working groups: Lance Merrick, Kevin Chiteri, Gurleen Kaur, Allen van Deynze
Plant breeding faculty, post docs and students at ISU