Pre-conference Tours

Option 1: Being New @ work Graduate Student Professional Development Workshop at Bayer Huxley Facility and Corteva, Johnston Tour
Being New @ work workshop, Bayer Huxley Facility and Corteva, Johnston tour ends at 7:00pm.

Soft skills workshop for graduate students at Bayer, Huxley facility is $50 and includes lunch. Bus leaves 8am from the Gateway Hotel in Ames to Huxley Facility (15 mins distance) and returns to the Gateway Hotel at 1.15 pm
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Option 2: Visit Kemin, and then Corteva, Johnston Tour
Kemin and Corteva, Johnston tour ends at 7:00pm. Kemin (DSM) / Corteva, Johnston tour is $50 and includes lunch and dinner. The bus leaves at 12pm from Gateway Hotel in Ames to Kemin in DSM, then from there to Corteva.

Option 3: Visit Power Pollen,  and then Corteva, Johnston Tour
Power Pollen and Corteva, Johnston tour ends at 7:00pm. Power Pollen (Ames) / Corteva, Johnston tour is $50 and lunch and dinner are included. Bus leaves at 12 pm from Gateway Hotel in Ames to Power Pollen, near Ames, then from there to Corteva.

Being New @ work Graduate Student Professional Development Workshop at Bayer Huxley Facility and Corteva, Johnston Tour
Sponsored by Bayer Crop Science® and Corteva Agriscience™

Join us for an exciting professional development session focused on Being new @ work. Learn about Work-Life Balance and the what’s and how’s of building a professional network in your new workplace. In these sessions you will practice and discuss skills necessary to find balance in work and life. The session on networking will prepare for how you can best thrive in your new place of work, creating relationships that help you learn new skills and help you chart your professional development goals.

The purpose of this workshop is for graduate students to better understand and learn specific skills that are generally useful in life but specifically when working in industry and looking for a successful development of one’s career. The workshop is free of charge to invited graduate students participating in the NAPB Annual Meetings.

Highlights of this workshop include:

  • Learning skills to help balance workload and prioritize tasks
  • Manage to have a healthy balance between work and life.
  • Understand the why and the how in relationships at work
  • Interact with course participants to share your story
  • Gain insights from a panel of industry representatives including recent graduates on their experience.

Being new @ work is co-sponsored by Corteva Agriscience™ and Bayer Crop Science®. The two instructors will be Masha Trenhaile and Klaus Koehler.

Masha Trenhaile is Head of University Strategy and Outreach at Bayer Crop Science, within the Breeding organization. Masha’s role concentrates on identifying strategic university partnerships for the Breeding organization, fostering relationships with faculty and administrators of the partner institutions, and identifying top talent to create a talent pipeline for Bayer Crop Sciences, by mentoring students individually and finding mentors for them within the organization. Masha started her career in building the Research Park at the University of Illinois and then becoming a site manager for AbbVie Biopharmaceutical Innovation Center, before joining Bayer. Masha holds an MS degree in Advertising from University of Illinois and still resides in Champaign, IL with her family.

Klaus Koehler is the Talent Development Lead in Seed Product Development for Corteva Agriscience R&D. He is responsible for global implementation of Employee Development initiatives in Corteva’s largest R&D subfunction. Klaus started his career as the first corn breeder and corn breeding lead for KWS Saat AG in America, before managing Corn Breeding globally for Bayer and Dow AgroSciences. Klaus holds a MS in International Agricultural Development from the Technical University of Berlin and a PhD in Plant Breeding from University of Hohenheim in Germany. He is located in Johnston, IA since 2018.


Kemin Industries, Inc. – Breeding for bioactive molecule extraction – Tour Information
Kemin is a privately owned, international bioscience company with its worldwide headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. Kemin manufactures products for the animal feed; human food, pet food; human dietary supplement; commercial horticulture; and textile auxiliary markets worldwide; with research and development and manufacturing facilities in nine countries, producing over 500 products. Approximately 45% of sales are derived from products that use molecules from nature as their primary active ingredients, with many of them coming from plants. Kemin’s plant science program is focused on the breeding of specific species as “manufacturing vehicles” for the production of target molecules in harvested biomass; along with the development of novel cropping systems and extraction processes. Applying modern breeding technologies to plants that have little to no history of targeted plant breeding has its challenges and the Kemin team will provide insight into the breeding programs for two of its strategic specialty crops. There will be a tour of the breeding greenhouse and Kemin’s Molecule Advancement Center as well as lunch and a corporate and specialty crops program overview.

PowerPollen Tour Information
PowerPollen develops superior pollination systems for agricultural crops.  Our technology enables large volumes of pollen to be preserved, stored, and then applied at the optimal time to increase yield and minimize risks associated with today’s standard practices.  The 2-hour tour of the Ames, IA facility and field operations will provide an insider view on the pollen preservation technology and how the process we’ve developed for maize seed and grain production works in the field.  There is no other system in the world like it.

Corteva Tour Information
Corteva Agriscience will be hosting a tour as part of the 2022 NAPB Conference.  The tour will include a tour of our farm expo which will include the following topics: 1) Overview of our current commercial corn and soybean lineup, 2) An overview of some of our specific corn product segments, such as AQUAmax, silage, white and waxy, and insect technology, 3) A summary of our soybean segments including Plenish and Enlist E3, 4) A Nitrogen demonstration plot, 5) 100+ years of Pioneer/Corteva Agriscience corn breeding and a history of corn discussion, 6) tour of our greenhouses, and 7) tour of molecular marker labs.  There will be an opportunity to visit and interact with many of our plant breeding leadership team and join us for dinner.  The tour will be limited to 150 people, so please be sure to sign up when you register for the 2022 NAPB Conference.

To come prepared for the Corteva tour, please note the following requirements:


  • Only pre-registered participants will be able to participate in the tour.
  • All visitors must be at least 12 years of age.
  • Visitors must have government-issued photo identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) for check-in. Visitors must keep identification with them at all times when on Corteva Agriscience property.
  • Be sure to arrive at your scheduled tour time to allow sufficient time for check-in.
  • Remain with your group while on the tour.
  • Wear safety glasses when directed by the Tour Lead.

Corteva Agriscience reserves the right to make last-minute adjustments to the agenda