Nov 28
2:00-6:00PM Registration

East Commons Memorial Union(IMU)

Vendor Set-up

Main Lounge/East Commons

6:00-8:00PM Reception


Nov 29
7:30AM Continental Breakfast & Vendor Visits

Hubbard Commons
Main Lounge and East Commons

8:00AM Welcome - ISU Extension, UI, UI Office of Sustainability, and IDALS

Main Lounge

8:30AM Keynote Speaker - Dr. Jessica Shade, Chief Scientist, The Organic Center “Resisting Climate Change with Organic Agriculture”

Dr. Jessica Shade is the Director of Science Programs at The Organic Center where she directs projects associated with communicating and conducting research related to organic agriculture. During her tenure at The Organic Center Dr. Shade has collaborated on diverse research programs ranging from applied solutions to on-farm challenges to methods for improving environmental impacts of agriculture.  Some of her most recent collaborations include projects aimed at mitigating climate change, decreasing agriculturally-mediated nutrient pollution, increasing on-farm biodiversity, and developing integrated pest management solutions for organic growers.

9:30AM Break: Vendor Visits

Main Lounge and East Commons

10:30AM Breakout Session I

Crop Production/Marketing:
“Transition Lessons: How We Do It”- Scott Ausborn, PFI farmer & Roger Lansink
Environmental Impacts:
“Water, Weather, and Warnings” – Chris Jones, UI Engineering, & Dennis Todey, USDA Climate Hub
Food Safety:
“Enhancing Organic Rules to Help with Food Safety” – Jessica Shade, Organic Center Director, & Dan Fillius, ISU Extension & Outreach
Organic Certification:
“How to Ensure the Best Possible Certification” – Chuck Andreas, MOSES, Kristen Adams, MOSA, and Mike Bollinger, PFI farmer
Social Impacts:
“Managing Mental Challenges with Farming” / “Horticulture Heals Hurt” – Jason Haglund, Haglund Consulting LLC, and Scott Koepke, Indian Creek Nature Center

12:00PM Organic Lunch: Local Producer’s Bounty

Main Lounge

12:45PM Vendor Visits

1:30PM Breakout Session II

“Financial Support during Transition” – Paul Dietman, Compeer Financial
Marketing/Food Systems:
“Edible Beans: What’s the Buzz”- Jason Grimm, PFI farmer, and Doug Crabtree and Anna Jones-Crabtree, and Emma Davis, Vilicus Farms, Montana.
Weed Management:
“My Love for Italian Weeders: Organic Vegetable Crop Weed Management” -Sam Hitchcock Tilton, Lake Shore Technical College
Livestock Production:
“Best Practices for Organic Pork Production” – Dave Stender, ISU Extension & Diane DeWitte, UM Extension
Policy/Social Impacts:
“Creating Farming Opportunities for All” – Suzan Erem, SILT Director, & Zac Couture, Global Greens

3:00PM Vendor Visits

3:30PM Breakout Session III

Crop Production/Economics:
“Carbon Markets: Should You Participate” – Alan Franzluebbers, USDA-ARS, Alejandro Plastina, ISU Extension & Levi Lyle, PFI farmer
Advanced Crop Production:
“Managing Weeds in Organic Grain Crops: It Takes a System” – Dave Campbell, Lily Lake Farm
Alternative Crops:
“Small Grain Round-Up” – Matt Leavitt & Mac Ehrhardt, Albert Lea Seed, & Ron Rosmann, PFI farmer
Livestock Production:
“Integrating Livestock on Your Farm: Production and Marketing Aspects” – Laura Krouse, Abbe Hills Farm, and Jay Franzen, Tweed Croft Farm
“Did I Kill My Tree: Fearless Fruit Care”- Kathy Dice & Tom Wahl, PFI farmers, Patrick O’Malley, ISU Extension and Maury Wills, Wills Family Farm
Policy/Social Impacts:
“Local Food Policies to Ensure Food Access for All” – Ilsa deWald, Johnson County Local Foods, Chuck Isenhart, Iowa House, Carter Oswood, Feed Iowa First, and Tamara Marcus, Linn County