For those presenting posters at the conference, posters will be limited to no larger than 48 inches by 48 inches. Posters will be placed two per side of the poster display board measuring 96 inches by 48 inches. Display boards are covered with white paper and placed on top of a 6’ table. Poster authors are responsible for materials to attach posters to the display board. Velcro will NOT work with the display boards. Thumb-tacks work best. Tape or sticky adhesive material (including HandiTack) which will rip the poster board covering will not be permitted. For more information on posters, check here.

Photo Contest:
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Student Scholarships:
Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply for a scholarship that will cover the cost of attendance to the conference. Click here to read the guidelines and apply

A certificate of attendance will be issued following the conference as documentation for this and other continuing education credits. The conference has not been pre-approved for Certified Crop Adviser credits but CCAs may self-apply using the program and certificate provided.