Operators of permitted composting facilities in Iowa are required to meet Iowa DNR certification requirements to comply with Iowa Administrative Code 567-105.10(455B,455D). The 2024 Midwest Compost School has been approved for certification by Iowa DNR provided additional conditions are met.

  1. Initial Certification: If you are getting Iowa DNR Compost Operator Certification for the first time, the school will help you get certified till June 30, 2028 provided all conditions are met.
  2. Renewal or Re-certification: If you are renewing your Iowa DNR Compost Operator Certification or simply re-certifying, the school will help you get certified till June 30, 2028 provided all conditions are met.
  3. To meet the conditions, you must submit completed Iowa DNR Certification Form along with proof of successful completion of the school. This certification form (Iowa DNR Form 542-0026) is an application for initial or renewal of certification for compost facility operators. This form must be completed and submitted to Iowa DNR along with supporting documents for certification.
  4. Successful Completion: You must attend all three days of the school, complete all hand-on exercises, and pass the written exam administered at the end of the school to be considered as having successfully completed the school. Only then, a successful completion certificate will be issued to you by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.
  5. Participants, who attended the Midwest Compost School in June 2023 and completed additional conditions, received their initial certification or renewal till June 30, 2025 due to Iowa DNR’s uniform certification expiration policy. These folks will need to attend the September 2024 offering of the Midwest Compost School and complete additional conditions if they want to extend their certification to June 30, 2028.
  6. For further information on Iowa DNR Certification, please contact Becky Jolly, Program Planner with Iowa DNR, at 515-249-1482 or email at becky.jolly@dnr.iowa.gov.