25 Year Club History

Founding of the 25 Year Club
The 25 Year Club of Iowa State University was informally founded in 1915 when members of the staff who had continuously served at least 25 years were honored at convocation.
The organization was formalized in 1934 under the direction of the late Harold E. Pride, former Secretary of the Iowa State College Alumni Association. The Club charter was signed on June 9, 1934 by 43 staff members, including many well-known Iowa Staters.

The purpose of the 25 Year Club was, and is, to honor the loyal service of Iowa State faculty and staff. As Colonel Pride wrote to the charter members: “Staff members who have served the College as long as you have, come to personify the College to her alumni. Buildings and land do not make a college, it is the men and women of the staff who make any college”.
During its long history, the club has inducted more than 3,300 members who have continuously served at Iowa State for at least 25 years.

Congratulations to all of our Honorees!

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