Sons and Daughters events to Conclude with visit to Zoo

Blank Park Zoo, courtesy of the Iowa Tourism Office.

(Blank Park Zoo, courtesy of the Iowa Tourism Office)

The sons and daughters have had many adventures this week as they’ve learned more about insects, horticulture, Iowa State University, cows and ice cream and the history of Iowa. The program will conclude today (Wednesday) as they head to the Blank Park Zoo, “Iowa’s Wildest Adventure!”

They will get a chance to participate in two ambassador animal programs where zoo staff will feature an animal to learn more about and maybe even get up close with them. This will be a great experience to learn more about the nature found in tropical rainforests, Australian Outback and Africa. After this wild adventure, they’ll come back to the Hilton mid-afternoon for games and service projects. Starting at 6:30 a.m., a farewell pizza party will begin with more games and their movie of choice, until 8:30 p.m. when parents/guardians can pick their youth up for the evening.   

In three short days, these youth have met many people from around the United States. It has been a great opportunity to make new friends, learn new things and take these fun memories back to their state.