Scholarship Program and Auction See Strong Results

NACAA members and friends donated $26,423.50 to the scholarship program from May 16, 2022, through May 15, 2023. This amount includes $12,089.90 during the auction in West Palm Beach. These financial contributions were made through individual donations, state donations, items brought for the auction or purchasing cash drawing tickets.

 Scholarship cap on money, by zimmytws/

This year, your Scholarship Committee received 17 scholarship applications by June. Two applications were withdrawn. The committee reviewed 15 scholarship applications on Sunday, Aug. 13, for educational merit, completeness and quality. The Scholarship Committee recommended funding 15 applications (13 individual & 2 group).

Individuals funded

Mark Badertscher, tour to NZ, $1,000.
Patrick Byers, Greece tour, $1,500.
Danny Cain, entomology conference, $1,000.
Josh Campbell, graduate school, $1,500.
Blake Carter, graduate school, $1,500.
Ethan Carter, entomological regional meeting, $1,000.
Brenda Jackson, attend the southern EDEN meeting, $1,500.
Cyndi Lauderdale, NACAA Galapagos trip, $1,000.
Danny Lauderdale, Propagators Society Tour, $1,500.
Maya Rowe, graduate school, $1,500.
Tim Schnakenberg, ESP conference, $1,500.
Amy Vu, Am. Honey Producers Mtg., $1,500.
Steven Yergeau, ANREP Conference, $500.

Group funded

David Marrison, International Farm Management Conference.
Earle Ward, Livestock Tour.

The number of scholarship recipients by region was: North Central 5; South, 9; Northeast, 1; West, 0.  Forty-two agents benefited from the scholarship program. The Education Foundation has awarded enough funds so that the scholarship committee was able to fund the June scholarship applications and have an additional amount for the December scholarship application round.

Your Scholarship Committee was given the responsibility to expend the donated funds for the Territory Grant Program. Five Puerto Rican Educators receive funds to attend this AM/PIC.

Thank for your generous support of the Scholarship Auction and Raffle. The unofficial total amount is $20,500.

(By Stephen Hadcock, NACAA Scholarship Chair)