Tuesday Voting Delegate Session

The 2023 voting delegate session will take place Tuesday morning at 8:30 at the Iowa Events Center in combined room 301, 303 and 304.

Seating will take place from 8:15 am to 8:30 am. Please check in with your Regional Director when you arrive, and before entering the room as he/she will verify your attendance on the Master Delegate list. You must be seated by 8:30 am otherwise the seated voting delegates will have to entertain a vote to allow you to be seated.

Substituting Voting Delegates is allowed. If something has come up and your state needs to make a voting delegate change, please notify Secretary Donna Beliech at d.beliech@msstate.edu or 662-769-9808. Substitutions may be made anytime up to the start of the Voting Delegate Session. Each Voting Delegate must be verified and confirmed before being officially added to the Voting Delegate list. Please remember to check in with your Regional Director before the Voting Delegate Session and alert them of your state’s substitution.