Sons and Daughters Tour includes Entertaining, Educational Visits

Participants attending the Sons and Daughters tour of Iowa State University will get to experience many of the keystone attractions of the university and its extended campus. Their first stop is on campus,Aerial view of Iowa State's Horticulture Research Station.  where they’ll learn about the amazing world of insects and other arthropods from the Iowa State University Insect Zoo. This hands-on program offers participants the chance to get up-close and personal, learning about their importance, behavior and ask experts any questions they may have.

The Iowa State University Horticulture Research Station is the next stop. This research and demonstration farm is one of the nation’s leading field research centers specializing in fruit, vegetables, home gardens, hops, orchards, vineyards, ornamentals and honeybees. A tour of the farm will be provided, and farm staff will be on hand to answer questions.

After a busy morning, lunch will be served at one of Iowa State’s premier dining facilities located on campus. Here tour attendees will be able to choose from a variety of menu items including bonsai, supreme salad bar, deli sandwiches and wraps, pizza, pastas, grilled food and an assortment of desserts.

The afternoon starts off with a quick drive across campus to the Iowa State Creamery inside the Food Iowa State University ice cream.Sciences Building. Here, participants will learn about Iowa’s dairy industry, tour the creamery to learn how dairy products are made and sample some amazing cheese and ice cream made right from the creamery.

This action-packed day concludes with a visit to the renowned Iowa State Dairy Farm. Located on 27 acres, Iowa State students and staff operate and conduct research with over 400 dairy cows. This state-of-the-art milking operation provides milk for consumers throughout the Midwest. Tour participants will then return back to the Iowa Events Center for the NACAA States Night Out with their parents.