Welcome to Iowa!

Iowa and many other Midwest states are often referred to as flyover country. Looking out of an airplane window you can see field after field stretching across the landscape. Gravel roads divide the dark green sections of corn and soybeans that Iowa is famous for. Many travelers do not recognize the value and beauty that Iowa provides. As others fly over our state, we welcome everyone who is traveling to our state. The square fields from the plane are one major reason you are all attending this conference.

Iowa NACAA.Iowa has a rich agricultural history with many famous ag brands getting their start and building their companies here. It is an honor for Iowa to showcase our history while being the leaders in ag for the future. Throughout your time in Iowa, you will get to see what new advances are coming during the trade show and tour stops.

Iowa is more than agriculture with many different attractions to explore throughout Des Moines and Central Iowa. Iowa’s largest attraction is the Iowa State Fair. We are excited for you to find new fair foods, enjoy the free entertainment and explore the livestock barns.

This conference is an opportunity to learn from professionals in the field and to network with colleagues from across the country. To get the best experience while at AM/PIC, we encourage you to attend the different educational opportunities and create conversations with people you do not know. Network with extension professionals but don’t forget to engage with the locals. Iowa nice is a real thing!

We hope you learn, connect and enjoy our great state. Thank you for traveling to Iowa!

(By Carter Oliver, president of the Iowa chapter of NACAA and director of ISU Extension and Outreach in Harrison County)