Nov 02
3:00-5:00 pm Emerging Case Series – Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Join us for a case series from the pathologists at Iowa State University VDL. These are 4 cases of emerging swine syndromes that are being seen with increasing frequency. The pathologists will take a deeper dive into these cases to cover what the clinical signs reported from the practitioners along with what the pathologists saw at the VDL.

3:00-3:30: Pig cases involving rodenticide poisoning (Scott Radke)
3:30-4:00: Neurosensory pathology in PRRS encephalitis (Alyona Michel)
4:00-4:30: Porcine Astrovirus type 4 tracheitis and bronchitis (Mike Rahe)
4:30-5:00: Swollen testes in mature boars (SMEC)

Nov 03
7:30 am Registration and check-in

9:00 am Welcome

Dr. Dan Grooms
Dean of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University

9:10 am US SHIP and VDL Update

Dr. Rodger Main
Director, Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

9:40 am State Veterinarian and ASF in DR Update

Dr. Jeff Kaisand
Bureau Chief, Iowa Department of Agricultures & Land Stewardship

10:10 am Break

10:30 am Strep suis - Practical Implications of S.suis Research

Dr. Cara Haden

10:50 am Hurd/McKean Lecturer Feed mitigation strategies to protect our feed supply

Dr. Jordan Gebhart

11:30 am APP 15: Outbreak and Investigation

Dr. Marcelo Almeida and Dr. Derald Holtkamp

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Comparison of PRRS 144V1C to other PRRS isolates

JQ Zhang

1:30 pm WGS vs ORF5 Sequencing

Dr. Giovani Trevisan and Dr. Joel Sparks

2:00 pm F18 E.coli Update

Dr. Marcelo Almeida

2:30 pm Break

3:00 pm SHIC Update - Vietnam Studies

Dr. Paul Sundberg

3:20 pm Certified Swine Sample Collector Program

Dr. Justin Brown

3:40 pm Performance of a Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (MHP) serum ELISA for the detection of MHP antibody in processing fluids

Dr. Betsy Armenta-Leyva

3:50 pm Effect of sample handling “history” on PRRSV detection by RT-qPCR

Dr. Berenice Munguía Ramírez

4:00 pm Effect of pen size on oral fluid sampling

Dr. Greg Tarasiuk

4:10 pm Predicting and Forecasting Nursery Mortality

Dr. Edison Magalhaes

4:20 pm Tongue tips a new sample in the tool box.

Dr. Isadora Machado

4:30 pm Reviewing specimens and guidelines to monitor PRRSV in breeding herds

Dr. Henry Osemeke

4:40 pm Update on pathogen detection and confirmed disease diagnosis

Dr. Guilherme Cezar

4:50 pm Time and Temp Study on PRRS/PEDV - Supply Entry

Dr. Mafalda Mil Homens

Nov 04
6:00 am Pig Power Breakfast

6:30 am Pig Power Networking Event

8:00 am Tactics to reduce sow mortality from a system level

Dr. Pete Thomas

8:30 am Water Line Biology

Dr. Gabi Doughan

9:00 am IAV Update and antibody update

Dr. Amy Vincent

9:20 am Break

9:50 am Roy Schultz Lecture: Lessons Learned with Wild Boars in Canada

Dr. Ryan Brook

10:35 am PCV2d - Diagnosis and Cross Protection

Dr. Pablo Pineyro-Pineiro

10:55 am B.hyo elimination - WGS and MIC testing (TIA resistant)

Dr. Eric Burrough

11:15 am Feeding pigs during 72 hour standstill

Dr. Nicholas Gabler

11:35 am Future of PLF opportunities for swine

Dr. Anna Johnson