*Please note that some sessions will not be available for webinar participants.

Feb 08
7:30 AM Registration Opens

8:30 AM Welcome

8:35 AM Growing Stronger - Cultivating Your Farm Transition


  • A successful farm transition requires adapting to the ever-evolving fields of farm finance and ag policy. Attendees will learn about the importance of transition planning in the face of uncertainty.

9:15 AM Land Values and Inflation Update

David Oppedahl, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

  • Recent land values and inflation trends impact all types of farm operations. This session provides an update on the current status of land values and the impact of inflation on farm businesses.

10:00 AM 2024 Ag Market Outlook

Chad Hart, ISU Center for Agricultural and Rural Development 

  • As 2024 begins, so does the prediction for this year’s commodity markets. Learn the most up-to-date information on agricultural production and what this means for producers.

10:45 AM Break

11:00 AM Farm Leases in Transition Planning

Ann Johanns, ISU Extension and Outreach

Alejandro Plastina, ISU Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

Jeff Troendle, Hertz Farm Management

  • The 2022 Iowa Farmland Ownership and Tenure survey found that 80% of Iowa farmland is owned by someone not planning to sell. Whether you are a farmer or farmland owner, join this informative session to gain valuable insights into the critical role of farm leases in long-term business planning and how to use this information during negotiations.

12:00 Lunch

Lunch is provided for in-person attendees.

1:00 PM Concurrent Breakout Sessions #1

Session #1A: Update on the New Retired Farmer Income Tax Laws

  • Kristine Tidgren, ISU Center for Agricultural Law & Taxation
    • It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement. Explore Iowa’s new laws on retirement income and how it impacts retired farmers who lease or sell farmland.

Session #1B: Beginning Farmer Loans and Tax Credits (This session will NOT be available for webinar participants)

  • Tammy Nebola & Nicki Howell, Iowa Finance Authority
  • Brian Gossling, USDA – Farm Service Agency
    • Learn about what loan programs exist at the state and federal level to help new farmers and what state tax benefits exist for working with a beginning farmer.

2:00 PM Concurrent Breakout Sessions #2

Session #2A: Tools for Transferring the Management

  • Joe Leo, Brown Winnick
    • Business entities can be a useful tool to transfer the ownership and management of the farm to the next generation. In this session, attendees will learn about the benefits and disadvantages of several different business entities and their impact on management options.

Session #2B: Meet the USDA (This session will NOT be available for webinar participants)

  • Matt Russell, USDA – Farm Service Agency
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the USDA’s multifaceted role in supporting farmers. Attendees will learn about the wide range of programs, encompassing everything from financial assistance to sustainable farming practices.

3:00 PM Networking Break

3:30 PM Prepping for the Succession

  • Kiley Fleming, Iowa Mediation Service
    • An important first step in the planning process is communicating your goals to the people impacted by your decisions. Attendees will learn practical ways to navigate generational differences and reframe difficult conversations around fairness.

4:30 PM Program Concludes

5:30 PM Optional Tours

Learn more about these facilities at ISU and meet other attendees during these no-cost tours.

Optional Tour 1: Tour of Jack Trice Football Stadium

Option Tour 2: Tour of the ISU Creamery

Feb 09
8:30 AM Welcome

8:35 AM Navigating the Future - Strategic Planning in Farm Succession Planning

  • Jeanne Bernick, Pinion
    • Although the details of a plan may vary from farm to farm, strategic thinking plays a crucial role in the success in any operation. Whether you are just starting out or fine-tuning years of planning, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions.

9:30 AM Legal Tools and Case Studies in Farm Estate Planning

  • Jennifer Harrington, ISU Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation
    • In this session, Jennifer Harrington will discuss the impact of the different types of asset ownership on farm succession and estate planning as well as common legal tools including wills, trusts, and substitute decision-making options.

10:45 AM Break

11:00 AM Federal Tax Planning for the Farm

  • Kristine Tidgren, ISU Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation
    • When developing an estate and succession plan, it is important to consider how taxes will impact the transfer of assets. This session will cover potential tax liabilities that can occur during life and upon death.

12:00 PM Lunch

Lunch is provided for in-person attendees.

1:00 PM Concurrent Breakout Sessions #3

Session #3A: Building the Foundation for Farmland Access

  • Paul Dietmann, Compeer Financial
    • In this engaging discussion, we’ll explore the various strategies and resources available for accessing farmland, whether through traditional means or other creative options. This session will equip you with the knowledge and encouragement to embark on your agricultural journey.

Session #3B: Protecting Your Legacy – Conservation as a Risk Management Strategy (This session will NOT be available for webinar participants)

  • Catherine DeLong, Iowa State Extension & Outreach
    • Explore the pivotal role of conservation strategies in preserving your agricultural legacy. In this session, discover how conservation practices not only protect the environment but also fortify your farm against unforeseen challenges. Gain insights into sustainable land management, financial opportunities, and resilient practices that can help safeguard your farm’s future.

2:00 PM Concurrent Breakout Sessions #4

Session #4A: Finding Balance – Estate Planning with a Crowd

  • Anne Reser-Moorehead, Whitfield & Eddy
    • Effective estate planning for farm owners becomes particularly complex when multiple children or beneficiaries are involved. Delve into the unique challenges facing farm families including partition disputes and learn about the legal strategies available to facilitate a smooth transition.

Session #4B: Community Involvement & Rural Vitality (This session will NOT be available for webinar participants)

  • Elizabeth Burns-Thompson, Landus
  • Matthew & Hannah Lansing, Beginning Farmers
    • Explore opportunities to build your legacy and become involved in your community. Learn more about organizations involved in promoting rural vitality, including cooperatives, commodity groups, or even public office. This panel will provide insights on transitioning into and out of leadership roles and how families can be involved in these activities together.

3:00 PM Break

3:15 PM Harvesting Value: Partnering with a Farmland Appraiser

  • Brad Hayes, BH Appraisals
    • In the intricate world of farm estate planning, understanding the true value of your farmland is a key building block. Discover the intricacies of farmland valuation, including factors that can significantly impact your land’s worth, such as soil quality, location, market trends, and potential uses.

3:45 PM Sowing the Seeds of Success

  • Kathy and Carroll Hoksbergen, Pella, Iowa
  • Kitt Tovar Jensen, ISU Beginning Farmer Center
    • After much deliberation, Kathy and Carroll Hoksbergen made the decision to sell their fourth-generation farm to new, non-family owners. During this panel, attendees will gain insights, learn strategies, and be inspired as we discuss keeping your identify while investing in the next generation.

4:30 PM Conference End