Questions about logistics: Ellie Crom, Iowa State University Conference Planning & Management, 2121 State Avenue Ames, IA 50011, 515-296-3443, eecrom@iastate.edu


This course will be held on the Iowa State University campus, 2306 Elings Hall. Registration begins at 8:00am on Monday, June 17.


A complimentary shuttle for guests of the host hotel will be provided. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of the shuttle.


Comfort Inn & Suites Ames near ISU Campus

Airport Shuttle

THE APSIM Workshop will provide shuttles from the conference hotel to ISU Campus on workshop days. If you need a shuttle from the Des Moines Airport to Ames, please book directly with the local shuttle operators.

Parking on Campus

Visitors Parking Permit

If you plan to park on campus, please be aware visitor parking spaces are limited. All campus spaces are by permit only, non-ISU affiliated workshop participants may request Visitor Parking Permits. Please be aware that Visitor Permits are valid for up to 5 days at $5 per day, and are valid in General Staff or Student lots only.

Parking Locations on Campus