How to Document Impacts of Video and Social Media Content Beyond View Counts

The Teaching and Educational Technologies (TET) Committee has received consistent feedback stating that Extension Agents want to know how to document impacts of not just educational videos but social media content. When we deliver in person programming, we can easily survey participants to gain insights on how well the materials impacted their lives or operations. When we offer webinars or similar online content we have participant information and we can follow up with email or phone calls to collect impacts. However, many of our clientele are suffering from Zoom fatigue or have stopped coming to in-person events since the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Extension agents may turn more to asynchronous content like educational videos posted on social media, or they may develop a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This content can generate a large, but silent, following. Content creators can easily access things like view count but have a hard time reporting the real impacts of their video or social media content.

How do we capture this information and make sure we get credit in our annual reports and promotional processes? This Super Seminar will invite expert content creators and social media experts who have done the work to deep dive into social media analytics to gather real world data for reporting and promotional documents. Our experts will present how they develop unique content and share their reporting processes. We will also have an expert panel for a Q&A session and allow participants to share their successes and concerns.

Registration cost – $30.