Sons and Daughters Explored Iowa Destinations

The Sons and Daughters program provided education along with fun! On Monday, Aug. 14, we were off to explore Iowa State University, with our first stop to learn more about creepy and crawly things at the Insect Zoo. Here, we got to touch and feel many insects and some were a challenge to keep in the bowl without escaping!

Then we headed over to the Horticulture Research Station and hopped on a tram to learn about apple trees, prairies, the cool robots that mow the lawns and much more. From there, it was time to dine as college students, as we taste-tested Season’s Marketplace. Students were moving in, so the youth got an extra experience of move-in day! We fit in some time to tour the ISU Creamery and yes, enjoyed some ice cream! From chocolate to vanilla, and everything in-between, including hotdog-flavored ice cream, it was a hit. The last stop was out to the Iowa State Dairy Farm, where we learned how cows are taken care of, milked, and the process to get milk from the farm to the store.

Tuesday, we went back in time as we explored Living History Farms. It was a great day to be outside and go through the historic buildings, finding out what it was like to go to school in a one room schoolhouse. We also saw a blacksmith shop, general stores and farm animals. Kids were then treated to a buffet-style lunch at the well-known Machine Shed. They concluded the day by returning to the hotel and worked on creating thank you cards for veterans that will be mailed.

Wednesday was a wild day as we explored the Blank Park Zoo. From wallabies to penguins, giraffes and sea lions, and everything in-between, we all found a favorite animal. A neat feature we included was the animal ambassador program. Kids had a hands-on experience to learn more about the Iowa native snake, “Squeeze” the corn snake, and “Hagrid” the Flemish rabbit. The day concluded with a pizza party and a night in watching a movie, “The Night at the Museum.”

These kids made lifelong friendships, learned new facts about Iowa and agriculture, and we hope to see them someday return as NACAA participants!