Monday Meals

Plan to leave your room early enough to stop by the snack bar in the Exhibit Hall to grab something before the Opening Session. The mid-morning break (in the Exhibit Hall) following the Opening Session, can refill your caffeine needs with coffee, hot tea, juice and mini-muffins. Don’t worry about the calories since you will get plenty of steps in between sessions. The afternoon break will offer iced tea, infused water, popcorn, pretzels, and jumbo cookies (again no calories to worry about!). The Indiana Extension Educators Association is helping sponsor the morning snack bar, the Minnesota Association of Extension Agricultural Professionals is sponsoring the morning break, and the Ohio State University Extension is sponsoring the afternoon break.

Lunch today, for those with tickets, includes a sea salt rubbed pork loin, served with potatoes lyonnaise, green beans, rolls and a salad. Be sure to check your tickets for the correct room.

Ag Awareness & Appreciation Award Rm 104
First Time Attendee Rm 107-108
Search for Excellence Crop Production Rm 302-303-304
Search for Excellence Consumer or Commercial Horticulture Rm 102-103
Merck Animal Health Rm 105-106
Life Member/Spouse Rm 101

Monday night is State’s Night Out, and you can see the long list of our great restaurants in your conference app or on our Iowa AM/PIC website . Remember to return after States Night Out for the auctions in the Ballroom. A ‘cashless’ cash bar will be available for your socializing needs. And after the auction we’ll have ice cream made and served by the ISU Dairy Science Club and sponsored by Catch Des Moines. Tonight we have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, caramel apple, and cow tracks (vanilla with PB cups and fudge swirls). Be sure to visit with the students about their club experiences or check out their activities online.

If you informed us of any special dietary restrictions through registration, you should have a small green card in your registration packet. Show this card to the wait staff during each meal and they can get you what you need.