Download the Conference App Now!

webex events appWhile you are at the AM/PIC conference in Iowa this year, we will be using the WebEx events app. We encourage all attendees to download the app ahead of time and use it throughout the conference.

We have created two videos to help get you to the correct place and explore what the app has to offer.

How to Install the App
This video includes information on: steps to download, install and access the NACAA conference on the app, using the access code “NACAA2023”, steps to create a profile and how to allow notifications.

Tour of the App
This video includes information on: the general layout of the app, using the search function, and walks through a few key features.

When you open the app, you have to create your profile (for the app) and then search for our conference using “nacaa” – when you find our conference, you use the access code “NACAA2023” to enter.

If you are reading this on desktop and want to add the app to your phone, scan the QR code below.

QR code to download conference app

If you are reading this on your smart phone device, follow this link to get the app!

We look forward to interacting with you soon in the WebEx event app! To show our sincere excitement, we will be using a few features within the app for attendees to collect points and foster community. To ensure you are a high-scoring, engaged attendee, act now!

  • Find the “wall” and post a fun picture from a past AM/PIC or share what you are looking forward to the most this year in Iowa! 
  • Complete the “Install the App!” Challenge using the NACAA Game feature. Use the code JULYNEWS to earn 50 points.

Stay tuned for more ways to stay engaged and earn points!