Dr. Peter Theil

Peter Kappel Theil

Peter Kappel Theil was recently appointed a Full Professor at Aarhus University in Denmark, having previously served as a Senior Scientist. Such promotions are taken very seriously at Aarhus; it includes a global search for candidates as well as an independent, international panel hired to evaluate all applicants. He was recently appointed adjunct professor at Sichuan Agricultural University in China. He earned his PhD in 2002 from Aarhus University. In 2003, he spent 4 months as a post-doctoral researcher in Dr. Walter Hurley’s laboratory at the University of Illinois. Peter spends most of his time on research focused on improving sow productivity, piglet survival and piglet growth; particular attention is been paid on nutrition of transition sows to achieve faster farrowing and greater yields of colostrum and milk. These research projects benefit the pig industry and are typically carried out in collaboration with the Danish Pig Research Centre and feedstuff companies. Other academic activities include teaching and supervision of students, oral presentations, opponent at examinations, reviewer of scientific papers and research proposals, leader of the thematic group “monogastric nutrition and physiology” at Aarhus University and member of the Danish National Board for Nutrient recommendations for pigs. Peter has developed a truly impressive network of international collaborations which include France, Spain, Thailand, Canada and the United States, as well as the previously mentioned China.