Dr. Neil Ferguson

Dr Neil Ferguson

Dr Neil Ferguson completed his PhD at the University of Natal, South Africa in 1996 and was offered a faculty position in the Animal and Poultry Sciences Department of the same institution. His main areas of research were quantitative swine nutrition, particularly modeling growth and feed intake in growing animals, and wildlife biology including lion ecology, cheetah conservation and crocodile behavioral research. In 2003, Neil moved to Canada to manage swine nutrition and modeling research initially for Maple Leaf Foods, and then Trouw Nutrition Canada (Nutreco). During this time, he focused on the development of a stochastic model for optimizing growth, nutrient requirements and management strategies in growing pigs. In 2018, Neil took charge of the Global Modeling Science team within Trouw Nutrition and together with Data Scientists are generating innovative solutions for commercial application. He has been involved in establishing models as a part of the business culture within Trouw Nutrition.