Dr. David Raubenheimer – University of Sydney, Australia

Dr. David Raubenheimer

David Raubenheimer is Leonard P. Ullman Chair in nutritional ecology in the Charles Perkins Centre and School of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Sydney. He heads the Nutrition Theme in the Charles Perkins Centre and the university-wide Sydney Food and Nutrition Network, and is a member of the Australian National Nutrition Committee. Professor Raubenheimer is an expert in nutritional ecology, the field that applies ecological and evolutionary theory in the study of animal nutrition. His work includes laboratory and field studies, on groups from insects and spiders to fish, birds, and many mammal species. He has a strong interest in using the nutritional ecology framework in applied problems, including wildlife conservation, animal production, pet nutrition and human nutrition. Professor Raubenheimer obtained his PhD at Oxford University in 1992. He has published over 300 refereed journal papers and two books.