Pesticide Applicators


The Iowa Pesticide Act provides two options for renewing commercial pesticide applicator certification.  Commercial and public applicators may choose to renew their certification by testing once every three years or by attending approved instructional training each year.

Recertification by training requires participation in two hours of approved instructional training each year, in each category in which an applicator is certified.  Some programs may be approved for more than one category and simultaneous credit hours are possible.  Applicators will not be allowed to make up hours that they missed in a previous year, nor will they be allowed to carry forward excess credit hours.

The cost for Pesticide Certification is $35 (C-6 or G-6).


To Recertify in Category Applicator Must Attend
2 or 3O Workshop C-6 or G-6
One other “Pest Management” workshop
3OT Workshop C-6 or G-6
Workshop B-7 or F-7
One other “Pest Management” workshop


“Pest Management” Workshops:
A-1 or D-1 A Review of Wood Boring Insects and Their Management (Cranshaw)
A-5 or D-5 Diagnosing Health Problems of Woody Plants
(Iles, Rodriguez-Salamanca, and Vitosh)
B-2 Recognizing and Working With Natural Enemies of Shade Tree Pests (Cranshaw)
B-7 or F-7 A Holistic Approach to Managing Cool-season Turfgrass in Iowa (Alderman)
C-1 or F-1 The Great Borer War (Sternberg)
E-4 Understanding How Characteristics of Insecticides Affect Use Patterns and Performance (Cranshaw)
F-5 or G-5 The Hemp Bandwagon (Pruisner)