Seed Testing Short Courses

The short courses are for persons interested in a solid introductory course that covers many species and topics in seed analysis and for those preparing to take an analyst accreditation exam (SCST: CPT, CVT, RST, CGT, RGT or AOSA: CSA – Purity, Germination, or both).

Short Courses are designed to provide:

  • basic information regarding seed quality evaluation;
  • a broad course of study covering many seed species;
  • excellent preparation for either AOSA & SCST consolidated exam, purity or germination;
  • an opportunity to attend either the session on purity, the session on germination, or both;
  • an educational experience valuable to both the participants and their employers; and
  • a chance to interact and share information with other seed analysis professionals.

Seed Conditioning Workshops

The workshop series offers hands-on training with typical seed conditioning machinery and a detailed review of seed conditioning operations. Workshops include a mix of classroom presentations and equipment demonstrations. The training is suitable for new personnel or used as a refresher course for experienced operators.