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Our Favorite Ghosts: NOLA’s Best Ghost Tour

“We put our guides together to select the most haunted stories and locations from their years of experience. The result is a “best of” ghost tour featuring our local guides’ mysterious and frightening favorites. Want to find out why NOLA is considered America’s most haunted city?

Our guides will take you on a tour of their favorites in paranormal activity in New Orleans: from LaLaurie Mansion and throughout the French Quarter, be prepared to be terrified and thrilled by eerie presences still lying in wait around every corner.

You’ll hear stories of mysterious deaths, unspeakable tragedy, and twisted history that have left the spirits of these unfortunate souls to continue to walk amongst the very places you’ll visit on this tour.”

The tour starts at 8:00 PM on Sunday, May 14, 2023 and you can click HERE to register and pay for this unique and eerie tour! Click “Book Now”, choose May 14th as your tour date, and use the Promo Code “ISU23” for 20% off your booking; an exclusive savings for SafePork Conference attendees! The tour starts 2 blocks from the host hotel (just a 5 minute walk away)!