• The 2017 Resilient Iowa report provides an overview of conversations held during the 2017 event, broken down by sector. This event was the first of its kind, and was hosted by the University of Iowa.
  • The 2018 Resilient Iowa report provides a comprehensive overview of the 2018 event, sponsored by the University of Northern Iowa. Breakout sessions utilized an Appreciative Inquiry framework for facilitating conversations and identifying next steps.
  • The 2020 Iowa ACEs Report gives readers an overview of state-specific data related to childhood adversity, along with strategies for fostering resilience.
  • Iowa ACEs 360 is a link to Central Iowa’s ACEs 360 initiative, where you will find rich data, research and practical tools for promoting resiliency and trauma informed care.
  • Central Iowa Trauma Informed Care Project is a link to the trauma informed care work being facilitated through Orchard Place Child Guidance Center.
  • Iowa Department of Education Trauma Informed Schools is a link to what the Iowa Department of Education is doing to support trauma sensitive schools.

2017 Resilient Iowa Report

2018 Resilient Iowa Report

2020 Iowa ACEs Report

2019 Resilient Iowa Breakout Notes

Resilient Iowa Participant Directory 2021