Corn, Conservation, and Combines: Wyatt and Cole
This tour showcases what Iowa agriculture is all about. On this tour, you will see a working ethanol production facility, a 10,000-acre native Iowa tall-grass prairie home to bison and elk herds, and an international custom equipment manufacturer: ALMACO.

7:40 – Depart Ames
8:00 – Arrive @ Lincolnway Energy, Nevada, IA
9:30 – Depart Lincolnway Energy
10:30 – Arrive @ Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Prairie City, IA
12:00 – Eat boxed lunches @ Neal Smith
12:30 – Depart Neal Smith
1:40 – Arrive @ ALMACO, Nevada, IA
3:40 – Depart ALMACO
4:00 – Arrive back @ Ames

A Taste of Iowa: Matisyn and Allison
Our “Alternative” Agriculture tour will take you to Western Iowa. Topics on this tour include; small-batch craft spirits using grains grown here in western Iowa, organic grain farming, entrepreneurship, and fresh salsa production.

7:00am – Depart Ames
9:15am – Arrive at Lonely Oak Distillery
10:30 – Depart Lonely Oak
10:55am – Arrive at Milk and Honey
11:20 – Depart Milk and Honey (eat lunch on bus)
12:00am – Arrive at Bryce Irlbeck’s
1:15 – Depart Bryce Irlbeck’s
1:45 – Arrive at Graddy’s Salsa
2:45 – Depart Graddy’s Salsa
4:00 – Arrive in Ames

Investigating Iowa: Parker and Parker
This tour will take a journey to many different parts of agriculture in Iowa. Visiting a Corteva research site, botanical garden, and a Bayer production site. Exploring all that central Iowa is involved in for agriculture.

8:00 – Leave Ames
8:45 – Arrive in Corteva in Johnston
10:15 – Leave Corteva site
10:45 – Arrive at Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden
11:45 – Leave Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden
12:00 – Arrive at subway on 1407 Buchanan St, Des Moines
12:30 – Leave Subway
1:15 – Arrive at Bayer Production site in Boone
2:30 – Leave Bayer production site
3:00 – Arrive back in Ames