Harry Stine

Harry Stine is the founder and CEO of Stine seed. Stine seed is currently the largest private soybean breeding program in the nation. Harry will share his journey to success, his largest struggles in building a multi-billion dollar company, and give advice for success to young members of the ag-industy.

Carey Portel

Carey is a partially disabled cattle farmer from mid-Missouri. She will share with gut wrenching honesty her recovery and how she is able to farm at the level she is at today. Her presentation is partially about how she received her injuries and how she is still able to work on the farm. Carey is an advocate for AgrAbility and will talk about how they have helped her to continue to be able to work on her farm. Carey is a national speaker, motivating others to pursue a positive path in life and she does this with her personal life experience of; overcoming adversity while continuing to be passionate about agriculture.