Join us for this PRRSV management-focused workshop. The meeting will start with flash updates from academia on field-applicable research findings on PRRSV monitoring & surveillance systems, and PRRSV control/elimination. Then, we will have two Q&A-based sessions on PRRSV management in the breeding herd and grow-finish herd, respectively. The Q&A sessions will have practitioners in the spotlight, aiming to share knowledge and reflect ‘where do we go from here’.

Location: Second Floor of the Varied Industries Building, Iowa State Fair Grounds in Des Moines, Iowa

Jun 07
12:00pm Registration and Refreshments

Second Floor of the Varied Industries Building, Iowa State Fair Grounds in Des Moines, Iowa

12:30pm Welcome and Introductions

Dr. Chris Rademacher

12:35pm Update from SDRS

What’s going on, active genotypes, hot regions, importance of grow-finish on the ecology of PRRSV in the region
Giovani Trevisan

12:45pm Update from MSHMP

What’s going on, active genotypes, hot regions, …
Cesar Corzo

12:55pm Update on AASV Classification

Terminology and roadmap: major changes
Derald Holtkamp

1:05pm Update on Time-To-Low-Prevalence and Time-To-Baseline-Productivity

PRRSV outbreak management program: TTLP, TTBP, Total Loss
Daniel Linhares

1:15pm What's New on Production Data Monitoring

Using aborts, sows off feed, other parameters to screen herds for pathogen activity on an ongoing automated fashion
Gustavo Silva

1:25pm Considerations when Pooling Samples for PRRSV Testing by PCR

Scenarios & probability of detection, sample size calculators online
Henry Osemeke

1:35pm Experimental Studies with 144 L1C Variant

Summary of findings comparing pathogenicity of different strains against 144L1Cv
Jianqiang (JQ) Zhang

1:45pm WGS Data: Implementing This New Tool on Your Decision Tree for PRRSV Management

Interpreting recombinations, viral diversity, and similarity over time using WGS versus ORF-5
Giovani Trevisan

1:55pm Update on Invermectin Trials

Summary of trials and replications using invermectin for PRRSV control
Chris Rademacher

2:05pm Q&A Panel

2:35pm Refreshment Break

2:55pm Tips to Succeed on a Herd Closure, and Thoughts on LCE

How to prepare the breeding herd for long herd closures?
Paul Yeske

3:05pm How to Manage PRRSv in Sow Farms in High Dense Areas

Biosecurity, gilt flow, and immune management of the herd
Pete Thomas

3:15pm Experiences eliminating PRRSV from multipliers.

Depop or roll over? Tips and tricks on pig flow, herd immune-management, and monitoring protocol for monitoring PRRSv activity
Amy Maschhoff

3:25pm Guided Discussion

Panel: Paul Yeske, Pete Thomas, Amy Maschhoff
Moderator: Gustavo Silva

4:05pm How to Manage High Health Pigs Coming to High Dense Areas?

How to keep pigs alive through a PRRSV outbreak, how to deal with PRRSV continuous/commingled flows, when to start vaccinating and thoughts on vaccination protocols
Clayton Johnson

4:15pm Tools in the Toolbox to Deal with Pigs During an Outbreak

Health intervention strategies to minimize losses following a PRRSV outbreak
Brigitte Mason

4:15pm How to Manage Downstream Flows Having Mixed Maternal Immunity Status

Managing grow-finish pigs from endemically infected or stable flows. How to make commingling decisions, and timing of vaccination.
Luc Dufresne

4:35pm Guided Discussion

Panel: Clayton Johnson, Brigitte Mason, and Luc Dufresne
Moderator: Daniel Linhares

5:15pm Open Questions and Comments from the Audience

Final Thoughts: where to go from here on the fight against PRRSv

5:30pm Happy Hour and Post-conference Discussion