Child Sexual Abuse: A Healthcare Provider’s Role in Prevention.

Martha Comfort is the Connections Matter Program Manager at Prevent Child Abuse Iowa. Martha has worked in sexual assault advocacy and child sexual abuse prevention providing adult and child-focused trainings in Iowa. Martha is a Master Trainer in several Sexual Abuse Prevention curricula and has trained numerous Facilitators in the State of Iowa.

The Healthcare Provider’s Role in child sexual abuse involves treating the child for injuries and diseases and caring for the family.  The relationship between a Healthcare Provider and the family also places the Healthcare Provider in the role of preventing sexual abuse. Talking to families about Healthy Sexuality, from the first well-baby check as the child grows into adolescence and adulthood, is an important role a Healthcare Provider has in child sexual abuse prevention. This training will give the Healthcare Provider the tools they need to start those conversations with families and support parents as their children develop from infants into adults.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  1. Understand the definition, statistics, and other foundational information regarding child sexual abuse including grooming.
  2. What is sexuality and the importance of educating parents on developmentally expected sexual behavior; possible concerning sexual behaviors; and a non-shaming approach for parents to use to nurture healthy sexual development into adulthood.
  3. Learn the importance of educating parents on boundaries and body autonomy, and how to have open communication with their children about sexual development and promote Healthy Relationship.
  4. An overview of digital risks for children and how parents can keep their children safe .