SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework: Applying and Understanding the Capacity Building Step

Thursday, February 2, 2023 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
2-hour Webinar
No fee to attend

This training explores strategies for building and mobilizing local resources and readiness to address identified prevention needs and establish and maintain a prevention system that can respond effectively to local problems. The speaker will also provide participants with guidance on making realistic decisions about which substance misuse problem(s) a community is prepared to address, identifying resources a community may need, but doesn’t currently have, for addressing identifying prevention needs, and developing a clear plan for building and mobilizing capacity to address identified problems.

Carol Oliver is a nationally recognized leader and trainer in the field of substance misuse prevention. She specializes in developing systems to solve complex health-related problems and create effective behavioral health workforces. Carol is the director of Prevention Solutions@EDC, a training and resource hub that is strengthening the substance misuse prevention workforce in communities across the United States. She heads up a multidisciplinary team providing award-winning online courses and customized consultation focused on topics such as reducing health disparities, strategic planning, sustainability, and evaluation.