Problem Gambling Prevention with Youth

Problem Gambling Prevention With Youth
Wednesday, March 8, 2023 10:00 – 11:00 AM CST

When people think of gambling they often think of it as an adult activity, and for good reason, it is! But take time to consider the amount of gambling that youth have access to, with friends, in video games, community and afterschool events, family games, even scratch-off tickets delivered in their holiday stockings. Yet if you ask a teen, “do you gamble?” they likely will say “no.” What else could you ask? What can you teach them about gambling, and what resources are available to help you? Could gambling education be included in education programs about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs? This session seeks to answer those questions and more, as well as provide some practical guidance on talking to youth about gambling.

This webinar will:

  1. Define the difference between a gambling game vs. other games of chance, or in-game purchases, and terms such as responsible gambling vs. problem gambling.
  2. Identify a number of ways youth may be exposed to gambling and gambling-style elements, and un-regulated gambling.
  3. Understand basics of problem gambling prevention for youth, its overlap and differences from traditional substance prevention messaging, and risk factors.

Tana Russell completed her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from Harding University. She holds certifications as a Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP), Washington State Certified Gambling Counselor II (WSCGC-II), and Nationally Certified Tobacco Treatment Provider (NCTTP). She became Assistant Director at ECPG in September 2019.