Nov 20
2:00-6:00PM Registration

East Commons Memorial Union(IMU)

Vendor Set-up

Main Lounge/East Commons

6:00-8:00PM Reception


Nov 21
7:30AM Continental Breakfast & Vendor Visits

Hubbard Commons
Main Lounge and East Commons

8:00AM Welcome - ISU Extension, UI, UI Office of Sustainability, and IDALS

Main Lounge

8:30AM Keynote Speaker

Dr. Rattan Lal
Ohio State University
“Why Soil Quality in Organic Systems Matters”

9:30AM Break: Vendor Visits

Main Lounge and East Commons

10:30AM Breakout Session I

Breakout Sessions will cover the following topics.

Crop Production/Marketing:
“Transition Lessons: How We Do it”
Scott Ausborn, PFI farmer, Albert Lea Seed and Bryce Irlbeck, AgriSecure
Environmental Impacts:
“Water Quality and Adaptation to Climate Change”
Sylvia Secchi, Professor, University of Iowa; Alicia Vasto, Iowa Environmental Council
Crop Production/Diversfying markets:
“Farming for the Community: Agritourism and Beekeeping”
Drew Erickson, Rodale Institute-Midwest Organic Center; Anna Geyer, PFI Farmer
Organic Certification:
“What you Need to Know for Organic Certification”
Terrance Layhew, International Organic Inspectors Association; Kristen Adams, MOSA; Eric Madsen, PFI Farmer, Madsen Farms.
Policy/Social Impacts:
“Food and Farming Opportunities for All”
John Boller, Coralville Community Food Pantry; Claire Zabel, Iowa Valley RC&D; Nicki Ross, Table to Table; Lisa Stark, Iowa Valley RC&D

12:00PM Organic Lunch: Local Producer’s Bounty

Main Lounge

12:45PM Vendor Visits

1:30PM Breakout Session II

Breakout Sessions will cover the following topics.

Environmental Impacts:
“Lessons From the Land: Stewarding our Iowa”
Neil Hamilton, Professor Emeritus, Drake University
Crop Production/Soil Fertility:
“Managing Manure: The Importance of Manure and Compost as a Resource on Your Farm”
Kapil Arora, Extension Engineer, Iowa State University; Paul Mugge, PFI Farmer
Weed Management:
“Tips for Effective Organic Weed Management”
Ron Rosmann, PFI Farmer, Rosmann Farms; Eric Madsen, PFI Farmer, Madsen Farm
Livestock Production:
“Ruminate Your Rotations”
Mike and Laura Keniston, Keniston Farms; Ortrude Dial, Three Sisters Farm
Farming in the Public Eye:
“Communicating Farm Safety and Ecology”
Brandi Janssen, Professor, University of Iowa and Sue Futrell, Red Tomato

3:00PM Vendor Visits

3:30PM Breakout Session III

Breakout Sessions will cover the following topics.

Alternative Crop Production/Marketing:
“Diversifying Your Rotation”
Jason Grimm, PFI Farmer, Grimm Family Farm; Drew Erickson, Rodale Midwest Organic Center; Dave Vetter, Grain Place Foods; Gigi DiGiacomo, Economist, Univeristy of Minnesota; Brent Reck, PURIS
Environmental Impacts:
“Permaculture and Polinators”
Fred Meyer, Backyard Abundance; Sarah Nizzi, Xerces Invertebrate Society
Crop Production:
“Organic No-Till: Maximizing Your Soil Quality”
Levi Lyle, PFI Farmer, Lyle Farm; Noah Wendt and Caleb Akin, PFI Farmers, A&W Farm, Scott Shriver, PFI Farmer, Shriver Farms; Jean Bertrand Contina, Rodale Institute-Midwest Organic Center
Livestock Production:
“Organic and Grass-Fed Beef Production”
Ron Rosmann, PFI Farmer, Rosmann Farms; Seth Watkins PFI Farmer, Pinhook Farms; Wendy Johnson, Jóia Food Farms
Fruit Crops:
“Growing Apples Organically: Opportunities and Challenges”
Maury Wills, Wills Family Farm; Harry and Jackie Hoch, Hoch Orchards, MN; Patrick O’Malley, ISU Extension
Policy/Social Impacts:
“CO2, Wind, and Solar – Oh My”
Laura Krouse, PFI farmer, Abbe Hills Farm;
Kerri Johannsen, Iowa Environmental Council