April 23rd

Innovation Everywhere

Innovation is everywhere at Iowa State University, and our students continue to raise the bar every day. Our colleges are featuring some of their most accomplished student innovators. See below for a college-by-college line-up!

Don’t miss our awards ceremony at the end of the day, hosted by Iowa State University President Wendy Wintersteen and featuring Student Innovation Fellows Gold and Cardinal candidates as well as our Innovation Fund Challenge winners. The Iowa State Marching Band will also close the Ignite Innovation Showcase with a special performance.

View our full list of events below – all times are in CDT. Can’t make it to every event or in a different time zone? Click on the scheduled event to view the archived video or watch any of our on-demand offerings to join in anytime, anywhere!

Interdisciplinary Innovation

7:45 AM
Innovation Happens Here Welcome

Karen Piconi Kerns, Entrepreneur in Residence

Welcome to the Ignite Innovation Showcase Finale: Innovation Everywhere! Join Karen Piconi Kerns as she provides an overview of the day, gives some insight into the innovation taking place at Iowa State University, and shares a glimpse of what’s coming up.

2:30 PM
Extension and Outreach: Building the Next Generation of Innovators

Iowa State University’s energy of innovation extends far beyond our campus. Hear how ISU’s Extension and Outreach, which is active in all 99 counties, inspires youth in local communities across the state.

3:40 PM
Pre-Collegiate Opportunities: Innovation Fellows-in-Training

Karen Piconi Kerns, Entrepreneur in Residence, and Jorge Calderon, Assistant Director of International Student Enrollment for the Office of Admissions

Iowa State University’s Innovation Fellows-in-Training program gives you an opportunity to get ahead with one-of-a-kind college-level experiences that help you stand out. Learn more about this program and the opportunities it offers students from around the world.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

8:30 AM
Innovation in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Beate Schmittmann, Dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Join Dean Schmittmann as we highlight the innovation being done in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, including student participation in global innovation and a look into the ISU zebrafish lab.

9:00 AM
Student Inventor Spotlights

We’re shining a spotlight on six College of Liberal Arts and Science students as they present their inventions and ideas, including Seth Heerschap’s diagnostic device, Jacob Schmieder’s lights for band instruments, Max Smith’s sports streaming app, Mason Weh’s youth mentoring, Dillon Jensen’s environmental monitoring device for breweries, and Sydney Peterson’s fireworks farm.

9:30 AM
The LAS Innovation + Entrepreneurship Academy

Rebecca Runyon, Director of LAS I+E Academy

Learn more about the College of Liberal Arts and Science’s new program: LAS Innovation + Entrepreneurship Academy! Hear more about what the academy is and how it is benefitting Iowa State student innovators.

College of Human Sciences

10:00 AM
A Glimpse Inside the College of Human Sciences Entrepreneurship Showcase

Now that you’ve watched some virtual pitches as part of the College of Human Sciences Entrepreneurship Showcase, hear from the student participants to learn more about their experiences. Click here to learn more about the showcase and its presenters.

11:00 AM
College of Human Sciences Entrepreneurship Showcase

During this annual event hosted by the College of Human Sciences, more than 100 students will pitch their business plans and displays to a jury of industry and faculty judges. Awards will be given in 10 categories and students are able to participate both virtually and in person. Click here to learn more about the showcase and its presenters.

12:10 PM
A Closer Look at Some of the Innovative Offerings at the Student Innovation Center

See how the Student Innovation Center has inspired innovation within the College of Human Sciences and Department of Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management when you get a first-hand look at the college’s Culinary Creations Lab, Sparks Cafe, and Innovate 1858 student-run retail boutique.

Veterinary Medicine

12:00 PM
Innovation in Animal Health: The College of Veterinary Medicine's Global Impact

Dan Grooms, Dean for the College of Veterinary Medicine

Join Dan Grooms, Dean for the College of Veterinary Medicine, as he discusses innovation in animal health, student engagement in new research, and solving world problems. He will also highlight one of the many initiatives in innovating swine health.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

10:30 AM
Spark Your Future with the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative

Learn from Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative (AgEI) Director, Kevin Kimle, about how you can spark your future in entrepreneurship and innovation through various AgEI programs.

10:35 AM
Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative Student Entrepreneur Panel

Join us as we sit down with a few student entrepreneurs to learn about their businesses and experiences. Learn how they got started, where they got their ideas, what they've learned along the way, what being a student entrepreneur is like, and more.

11:00 AM
Blazing a Trail as a Future Change-Maker

Not sure if you want to be an entrepreneur or if running a business is for you? Not a problem! Learn how students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are exploring entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative thinking as future change-makers. Through the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative Change-Maker Academy, students are able to learn while building soft skills they can take with them into their future careers as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, social change-makers, and more!

11:05 AM
NAMA at ISU: Innovators, Collaborators & Marketing Gurus

Marketing is more than just selling goods to your customers and many times professionals in this industry have a broad skill set. Join us as we learn about an organization and student team on campus that spends time learning about the agri-marketing industry while gaining hands-on, real-world experience. Come hear about their exciting competition that takes place each spring.

11:15 AM
Stupka Symposium: Innovative Research

Paiton McDonald, Stupka Symposium Committee Member

Originally started by the late Robert John Stupka III, an undergraduate biochemistry student at Iowa State, the Stupka Symposium is organized annually by students to carry on his tradition and legacy of innovative research. Listen to Paiton McDonald, a Stupka Symposium committee member, as she discusses the symposium as well as the unique and innovative research she has done while at Iowa State.

11:20 AM
Tomorrow’s Food Developers

Ever wondered how new food products are developed and created? Join us as we talk to the instructor and class members of the Food Product Development course (FS HN 412). Up-and-coming food science students spend their final semester on campus learning to create a new food product, scale up production, research consumers and packaging, and more.

11:30 AM
An Endless Flame: Iowa State's Student-Managed Farm

Iowa State University is home to the only student-managed farm at a land grant institution in the United States. Learn how this farm has survived over 75 years being run by roughly 120 students annually. Daily, the students managing the farm are making decisions as farmer entrepreneurs.

11:35 AM
Igniting a Passion for Human Health at Iowa State

Join us as we talk with four College of Agriculture and Life Sciences alumni from different undergraduate programs who took advantage of innovative experiences to help propel them into successful medical careers.

College of Engineering

12:30 PM
Engineering Innovation at the Student Innovation Center

Samuel Easterling, James L. and Katherine S. Melsa Dean of Engineering

Join Dean Easterling on a guided tour through the Student Innovation Center as he highlights engineering projects.

1:00 PM
College of Engineering Projects

The College of Engineering will share innovative projects from within its eight departments. Experience the interactive work of our engineering students.

1:30 PM
Engineering New Solutions

The College of Engineering will tell their stories about what they are doing in entrepreneurship and innovation. The college has eight departments, and we will feature capstone projects, with live interactive displays as well as video presentations.

Honoring Innovation

3:00 PM
College of Human Sciences Entrepreneurship Showcase Awards

Throughout the day, more than 100 students pitched their business plans and displays to a jury of industry and faculty judges as part of the College of Human Sciences Entrepreneurship Showcase. Now it’s time to see how the students did and present awards in 10 categories!

4:00 PM
Innovation Awards Ceremony

Over the past eight days, we’ve celebrated the collaborations, inventions, and opportunities that set Iowa State University apart. Now, we are honoring students, faculty, and industry leaders who make an impact every day of the year, including Student Innovation Fellows Gold and Cardinal candidates and Innovation Fund Challenge award winners.

5:00 PM
Score! Innovate at Iowa State with the ISU Marching Band

What better way to end a celebration than with music! The Iowa State University Marching Band will end the showcase by playing the student composed “Innovate at Iowa State” theme song, which was the result of an Innovation Dash Competition in which 18 student musicians took on the challenge of crafting a musical piece.