April 22nd

Civic Innovation — Community Change Making

Our students aren’t waiting until graduation to make a difference in the world – they are already working hard every day to leave their marks! Watch and listen as the next generation of change makers and artists propose projects and programs that will cause a spark and influence their communities!

For those of you who enjoy a good read, we also are announcing the launch of the College of Design’s online magazine featuring work in civic innovation from all areas of the university and all corners of the world.

View our full list of events below – all times are in CDT. Can’t make it to every event or in a different time zone? Click on the scheduled event to view the archived video or watch any of our on-demand offerings to join in anytime, anywhere!


8:45 AM
Innovation Happens Here Welcome

David Spalding, Raisbeck Endowed Dean for the Ivy College of Business

Welcome to Ignite Innovation Showcase Day 7: Civic Innovation - Community Change Making! Join Dean Spalding as he gives an overview of the day and provides some insight into the innovation taking place at Iowa State University.

9:00 AM
On Civic Innovation: our Land Grant Mission to Collaborate in Community

During this dean’s panel kick-off, you’ll hear from ISU senior leadership about our land-grant institution, public service, social innovation and community engagement initiatives. Featuring: College of Design Dean Luis Rico Gutierrez, Vice President for Extension and Outreach John Lawrence, College of Human Sciences Dean Laura Jolly, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean Daniel Robison, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Beate Schmittmann, and University Library Interim Dean Hilary Seo.

Student Collected Works: Online Zine Launch

COMING SOON TO YOU! The College of Design is launching something new-a new online magazine featuring student work on civic innovation, from all areas of the university and all corners of the world. Once you see it, you will want to bookmark it, and come back to it again and again!
Look for it in browsers near you this spring!

10:00 AM
Change Makers in Human Sciences

Join in as College of Human Sciences faculty and graduate students share civic engagement and outreach programs focused on the enhancement of community-based businesses, community health and well-being, and over life quality for community residents and consumers.

10:40 AM
Wearables Community Workshop: Wearing Design Principles

Geared toward innovative members of the Iowa State University greater community, this workshop focuses on developing a modular wearable that exhibits principles of design. By engaging in ideation and quick prototyping, participants will learn what module is and the potential of modular design, explore how design principles can be used to create and impact module design, challenge conventional uses of materials and push the boundary of materiality and fabrication, and realize one’s own design process and have fun while engaging in this innovative process.

11:00 AM
[un]Common Grounds Panel Discussion

Become a part of the civic innovation and social entrepreneurship conversation during this panel discussion, where faculty will discuss topics including belonging, resistance, continuity, and transformation, as well as the pedagogy of service-learning, community engagement and civic innovation within the teaching curriculum.

12:00 PM
From Fab[rication] to Fab[ulous] - Translating Student Innovation

The Wearables Design Show is the intentional fabrication of media, materials, and tools traditionally used in art and design to create fabulous innovations. Join the Wearables Design Show executive directors, student leaders, and integral partners as they discuss the immersive design opportunity reimaging the first-year experience.

1:00 PM
Dean’s Charrette: Future of Design Education – Places of Learning

Luis Rico-Gutierrez, Dean of the Iowa State University College of Design

The Dean of the College of Design challenged students to continue the civic debate on higher education through the innovative lenses of a post-Covid era. Over the course of the charrette, student teams have talked through, collaborated, defined and reframed our challenge. Join us live as the teams present their solutions for reimagining equitable, accessible and inclusive places of learning.

3:00 PM
Go Vote Challenge Student Entries

See civic innovation in action as students propose strategies that will motivate Iowa State students to vote. Featuring the GO VOTE Challenge competition sponsored by the Student Innovation Center, the Carrie Chapman Catt Center, and the Department of Political Science.

4:30 PM
Creating Community Change

Join in to hear how our students are impacting their communities. We will be featuring interviews with students in Engineers Without Borders, Pollinating Innovation, Iowa Bee Campus Project, Insect Sound Signature Project, and more – along with faculty who are guiding students to create an impact.

5:00 PM
How the University Library Helped Iowa State Students Save Over $500,000

Join the University Library for a short video and presentation featuring programming that supports student affordability through open educational resources (OER). These free course materials support not only our students but also the general community, as anyone in the world can access and learn from the materials developed at Iowa State.

5:30 PM
Tracing Race at Iowa State

Join the University Library for a discussion on its new initiative – Tracing Race at Iowa State, created to encourage support, and facilitate digital scholarship projects that center the history and experiences of people of color within the Iowa State community. This session will highlight the civic and social innovation framework of this initiative.