Aug 20
Soil properties, laser + gps + drone surveying and mapping

7:30 AM Registration and morning refreshments

8:00 AM Welcome and introductions

8:30 AM Pre-school quiz using clickers

Optimizing drainage system layout

9:30 AM Is it plain ol' dirt? (Understanding soil properties)

10:15 AM Soil properties auger hole test

11:00 AM Comparison of surveying methods

Aerial survey data collected with a drone, LiDar Data, and GPS-RTK data.

11:45 AM Lunch (provided)

12:30 PM Laser and GPS for grade control

1:30 PM Overview of surveying field exercises

1:45 PM Group activity

Move to field area and conduct Laser + GPS + Drone surveys.
Refreshments provided during field activity period.

3:15 PM Excavation safety and awareness

3:45 PM Drawing contour maps using field data and computer programs.

4:15 PM Group activity: Plotting surveyed field data

Merge data among teams
Compare data with GPS mapping
Begin planning for drainage design

5:00 PM Using UAVs (drones) in drainage projects

5:30 PM Dinner (provided)

6:00 PM Demonstration of drainage software

7:30 PM Visit and discussion time with software providers and sponsors

8:00 PM Adjourn for the day

Aug 21
7:30 AM Morning refreshments

8:00 AM Calculating drain sizes: Example exercises

10:00 AM Break

10:15 AM Review of exercises

10:45 AM Drainage depth and spacing

11:30 AM Putting it all together

12:00 PM Lunch (provided)

12:45 PM Drainage law considerations

1:30 PM Drainage planning and design tools

2:15 PM Sub-irrigation

3:00 PM Break

3:15 PM Drainage design

a. Use field data collected on Day 1
b. Complete a cost analysis using per-foot

5:30 PM Dinner (provided)

6:00 PM GPS user panel and group discussion

7:00 PM Adjourn for the day

Aug 22
7:30 AM Morning refreshments

8:00 AM Teams work on design reports

Breaks can be taken as needed

9:00 AM Design for drainage water management

Chris Hay

10:00 AM Field demonstrations

12 Noon Lunch (provided)

12:45 PM Edge of field nitrate reduction practices

1:30 PM Design reports by participant teams

2:30 PM Design discussion for functionality, performance, and flexibility

End of School Quiz - Drainage Questions using Clickers

3:15 PM Closing comments and completion of program evaluation

3:30 PM School adjourns