Suicide Prevention Strategies in Iowa

Drew Martel (LISW, CADC) is the Chief Clinical Officer at Foundation 2 Crisis Services in Cedar Rapids.  Drew has presented on suicide prevention and intervention throughout the state of Iowa, as well as at several national conferences and workshops.  Drew has been involved in the development and expansion of several mental health and suicide prevention initiatives throughout the state of Iowa.  In addition to his work at Foundation 2, Drew is a site surveyor for The American Association of Suicidology, as well as providing therapy at Meadowlark Psychiatric Services in North Liberty. Drew is a military veteran, and lives in Cedar Rapids with his wife Anna, two daughters, Madeline and River, and son Ellis.


Suicide Prevention Strategies in Iowa

Join Drew Martel, Chief Clinical Officer at Foundation 2 Crisis Services, as he assesses the current epidemiology of suicide in Iowa, identifying prevention and intervention strategies, as well as exploring future priorities for both state and national prevention initiatives.  Drew will identify several current prevention strategies underway, as well as an analysis of national initiatives and future priorities around suicide prevention.

At the conclusion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Assess the epidemiology of suicide in Iowa;
  • Outline suicide prevention strategies across Iowa;
  • Explore potential future priorities for suicide prevention and intervention initiatives.


Presentation Material
Suicide Prevention and Intervention Strategies