Prevention Ethics Recertification

Jodee Goche is a Certified Prevention Specialist with fifteen years of experience in the prevention field. Her prevention work has included implementing evidence-based programs in communities and providing SAPST and Ethics training for prevention professionals. She has provided technical assistance to community coalitions and currently applies this knowledge to her work for the Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute at Iowa State University. Ms. Goche holds a Master in Prevention Science from the University of Oklahoma and Master’s in Management from Briar Cliff University.

Certified Prevention Specialists in Iowa adhere to the Prevention Think Tank Code of Ethics. This set of principals “expresses prevention professionals’ recognition of responsibilities to the public, to service recipients, and to colleagues within and outside of the prevention field. They guide prevention professionals in the performance of their professional responsibilities and express the basic tenets of ethical and professional conduct.” Unfortunately, the practice of ethical decision making is not always clear cut especially for experienced prevention professionals and prevention supervisors. Therefore, it is important to continually enhance preventionists’ skills in identifying ethical dilemmas and applying a framework for ethical decision making. As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the six principals that make up Iowa’s Code of Ethics for Prevention
  • Identify a framework for ethical decision making
  • Identify potential ethical dilemmas that experienced preventionists’ and prevention supervisors may face
  • Apply a framework for ethical decision making to ethical dilemmas to determine a course of action

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