Reality-Based Leadership- Building a Drama Free Culture and Calling Our Teams to Greatness

Standing side-by-side since 2015 with NY Times Bestselling author and thought leader Cy Wakeman, Alex collaborates with organizations and leaders globally to help them ditch the drama from the workplace, hardwire accountability in their teams and turn excuses into results. Everything that Alex does is designed to help people understand that success and happiness is their natural state as a human being – once the drama is gone. With this core belief, Alex’s passion is revealing to those he works with that once people carve away drama from their lives – the same job they found themselves upset with today, becomes the job they look forward to and love tomorrow. As a keynote speaker and trainer, he helps organizations exchange the endless argument for a DIFFERENT workplace reality for a shifted perspective that enables them to start achieving more success and fulfillment in their CURRENT workplace reality.

The Reality-Based Leadership Program is founded in our research which proved that a
tremendous hit to any organization’s bottom line is waste – more specifically, the emotional waste of drama. In this session, participants will learn a revolutionary new role for them to occupy as a leader in which they facilitate better thinking and mental processes with their teams to reduce the over 2.5 hours per day per person of drama at work.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Conserve team energy and direct leadership resources to people and on issues with the highest possible ROI.
  2. Understand the key elements of development and coaching along with many strategies for fast-tracking the development of future and diverse leaders.
  3. Learn to utilize a variety of Fast Track tools of to move through resistance and begin problem-solving.

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