Pills & Thrills: What’s Trending?

Session Description: ZaZa. DMT. Nitazenes. Learn about the new substances emerging on the drug scene, including the increasing prevalence of novel synthetic opioids (NSOs) which are responsible for most opioid overdose deaths. Psychedelics are gaining momentum as potential therapies for certain mental health conditions and these new developments will be reviewed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify new and emerging psychoactive substances and describe their effects, how they’re obtained, how they’re used, toxicity, detection methods and management of overdose
  • Raise awareness about novel synthetic opioids (NSOs) on the market, consequences of use, and challenges to public health
  • Describe the psychedelic drugs starting to go mainstream for treating depression, PTSD, alcohol use disorder and palliative care

Linda Kalin, BS, RN, CSPI
Executive Director,  Iowa Poison Control Center
Linda Kalin is the Executive Director of the Iowa Poison Control Center. She has over 30 years of experience in clinical toxicology and poison center activities. Linda began her career as an emergency room nurse and in 1989 became Iowa’s first Certified Specialist in Poison Information. She is currently serving on the America’s Poison Centers Board of Directors as Treasurer. Linda is a frequent lecturer and speaker throughout Iowa on topics involving drugs of abuse.