A Patient-centered Approach to Supporting Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) in Pregnancy and Beyond

LeeAnn Albright is a family nurse practitioner at UCS Healthcare. She received her Master’s in Nursing from Frontier Nursing University. She serves individuals in two main settings in the clinic. She splits her time between the Medication Assisted Treatment unit and in family practice. In the MAT clinic, she supports individuals working towards recovery through a trauma informed lens within a harm reduction framework and is especially passionate about being able to work firsthand with women and parents navigating substance use disorder. The other part of the time, she sees individuals across the lifespan in the UCS family practice clinic, with an additional interest in supporting children, women, and LGBT pts as well as helping pts navigate Hepatitis C treatment.

Will review routine care of MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) patients during pregnancy and beyond as well as common fears and misconceptions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain why pregnancy complicates treatment of infectious diseases for patients receiving Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) treatment.
  2. Recognize common fears among pregnant women who receive MAT services.
  3. Prepare and support pregnant women who receive MAT services about the concept of “Eat, Sleep, and Console.”


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