Managing Stigmatizing Language in Substance Use Prevention

Laura Hinds is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose work in medical pediatrics, trauma specific treatment, and with special populations informs her presentations.  Committed to both the practical and theoretical aspects of care, she strives to offer research supported solutions to challenging clinical problems.  Laura draws on her work with children, youth, family systems, and adult clients to inform her curricula to support those doing a variety of work in multiple settings.


Managing Stigmatizing Language in Substance Use Prevention

The purpose of this training is to engage practitioners in understanding the immediate and lasting impact that stigma can have on the potential treatment of and recovery from Substance Misuse and Prevention in perinatal moms.  By highlighting how we refer to, speak to, and document the experiences of clients we can identify how our actions affect how we connect with and treat them.  This training will spotlight the negative impact that our thoughtless word choices can have on our clients and will highlight our professional and ethical responsibility to be mindful in how we speak to and about perinatal mothers living with substance use disorders.

At the conclusion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • To present the ways in which our word choice and emphasis can result in stigmatized care for those living with substance misuse issues
  • To offer highlights and foster reflection on how we may be causing barriers and social injuries to this vulnerable population
  • To empower preventionists in compassionately capturing and sharing the lived experiences of those they serve to improve engagement and access to care


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Managing Stigmatizing Language in Substance Use Prevention