Fish and Chips: all-inclusive collegiate problem gambling programming

Michael A. Buzzelli is the Associate Director of the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio and co-chair of the Prevention Committee for the National Council on Problem Gambling. Buzzelli oversees workforce development for the state of Ohio and manages the Warm Transfer Project which links callers to the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline to on-call clinicians 24/7/365. His professional interests include working with university students and campus leadership to create and implement sustainable programing, building interdisciplinary partnerships and promoting collaboration across the field. Buzzelli received his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health from Slippery Rock University and his Master of Public Health from Kent State University. He continued his education at Case Western Reserve University where he received a Master’s in Bioethics.

While professionals in the problem gambling field have known for years that college and university students are at an increased risk for developing problem gambling behaviors, few have been able to get effective and sustainable programs off the ground. These professionals typically receive the same responses of “our students don’t gamble” or more often “we have bigger fish to fry.” Fish and Chips: all-inclusive collegiate problem gambling programming will discuss strategies to increase campus buy-in around problem gambling initiatives and how student collaboration is the key to success.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain strategies in creating college and university buy-in around sustainable problem gambling programming.
  2. Select campus and student leaders to collaborate with in efforts to promote awareness and increase impact.
  3. Develop a stronger sense of responsibility to integrate problem gambling with other topics impacting student life.


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